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Our fleet consists of 4 different trucks, each with its own size and appearance and are therefor used for multiple occasions. We are employable at weddings, corporate events, events, fairs and festivals, and (smaller) private parties like birthdays and communions. The sausages are freshly grilled on site, the pretzels are crispy and hot from the oven and with our delicious fresh cabbage, homemade sauces and toppings we make the feast complete. We offer an extensive menu so for all ages there is always plenty to choose from!

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Our sausages are made by a local butcher from Amsterdam according to our own recipes. Each sausage has its own unique flavour and is served on a crunchy German pretzel bun with three color cabbage and homemade sauce and toppings. We also serve funky side dishes such as Mexican corn and fried onion rings. We have it all!

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We are always looking for enthusiastic, hard working boys and girls to join our team! Do you have a passion for soulfood, love to make other people smile with and want to make some fun within our team?

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About us

Christmas 2013 has been the starting point for Bulls and Dogs without planning on a concept like this. “Gerda” was the name of the meatgrinder, a very special Christmas gift. With the meatgrinder and a book on how to make sausages the journey started.

Changing the soggy bun, sauerkraut and standard mustard and ketchup and giving it a makeover was the first attempt of creating something new. A crispy bun came on our way and the sauerkraut was replaced by fresh three colour cabbage, a homemade pork sausage with sauce and a topping of herbs. That was the first hotdog founded by what was later to be called Bulls and Dogs.

We use real German pretzel buns and three colour cabbage as the start of every hotdog. Using the pretzel buns really gives our hotdogs a pretty look and feel. The colour of the dough and the savoury taste is amazing. As for the cabbage we use raw white and red cabbage and we boil white cabbage in salty water and turmeric. At first we only used pork meat but now we also have lamb, beef, chicken (100% halal) and even a vegetarian sausage. We use premium ingredients combined with lots of love to create the perfect hotdog.

All our ingredients are fresh and homemade. Unique flavours and a product that meets the eye, that’s what makes our hotdogs so special.

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Home base: Van Woustraat 58, 1073 LN Amsterdam.Visit us and get a taste!Please fill in the form below and we will contact you ASAP.

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Netherlands / Germany / Belgium